Remembering Edmund Teyrovsky

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There are people who leave a legacy that shall not be easily forgotten.  It's an undeclared desire of most people to be loved and remembered; easy to wish, hard to achieve.   That's probably the reason why we appreciate, and consider it a privilege, to know a person endowed with wisdom, tact, knowledge and readiness to help where help is needed.  We all met a gentleman who fills these shoes: the late Brother Edmund Teyrovsky, who passed away on January 2, 2010.

On the third anniversary of his departure these thoughts were running through the minds of         a dozen relatives and friends of Edmund, who gathered at the Lone Tree Cemetery in front of the Teyrovsky and Livingstone families' mausoleum.  We were standing on a hill high above the Bay, enjoying the panoramic view, our bodies warmed by the winter sun, our minds by thoughts of a man who was not with us anymore....

From the speech and  prayer of  Reverend Donna Caldwell we detected more than a professional interest.  She reflected on the long debates she carried on with Edmund about a wide range of problems, not only religious.  I am sure Edmund was not a frequent looser in these disputations.  A few remembrances of the lighter character put us in more cheerful disposition before we moved on to the Baywood Court where we were treated to a delicious and healthy dinner by Sister Georgina Teyrovsky.

Czech soprano,  Ms. Liana Dernel, sang for us  just a few songs.  We remember her from our Sokol dances, where she sings with the Alpiners. Yet, the main event of this pleasant afternoon were personal stories, told by many whose lives were deeply affected and formed by Edmund.  Georgina proved herself to be an able orator and so did all who added their own memorable gems to the mosaic of Edmund's life story.  You don't need to let your imagination go wild to see, with your eyes closed, Edmund's smiling face and a mischievous grin, enjoying all this attention.  If the often hard life's burdens left scars in Edmund's spirit, we could not tell.           His optimistic attitude was a welcome feature at any gathering.  Today's stories confirm that.  We were leaving with elevated mood, with sadness without sharp edges in our souls.

Our thanks belong to the Teyrovsky, Goupille and Livingstone families for giving us this pleasant opportunity for sharing our memories.

Zdenek Vernak.

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