The Endowment Fund “CESKY VYROBEK”

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This Czech endowment fund announces an increase in its membership.


After the most recent scandals concerning technical salt in Polish food products and now the concealed horse meat in various foods  all over Europe there seems to be more interest in Czech food products because they seem to be still properly controlled. And the various firms realize that the logo with the little Czech lion- which may be used by the members of the Endowment Fund “CESKY VYROBEK”- will get them the customers’ attention.

Customers tend to  look for “local” logos not only in food stores, they like them in everything. They look for Czech toys, furniture, textiles and various items. They do not trust the cheap Chinese import, but they may try other “foreign” products. They no longer  believe that everything brought from abroad is better.


Many domestic businesses are doing well in spite of the economic crisis  because they returned to using domestic products, Czech-made things and domestic raw materials. And they know that they will get support from the endowment fund in the form of advertisement and  other business activities. They also get inspiration and cooperation from other businesses in the Fund.  They can use the term Genuine Czech when exporting their products.

When you find in your store a product with a LITTLE LION  in red, and white and blue, you do not have to worry: You have a guaranteed CZECH PRODUCT.


For more information about which firms are members of the Endowment Fund , please consult:


Translated by M.D.

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