Introductory address held by President Václav Havel

10 2002 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

Ladies and Gentlemen,
T. G. Masaryk, a great philosopher, was the original founder of democratic Czechoslovakia and long-time President of Czechoslovakia. In memory of a great man the statue is bestowed with great honor on the late T. G. Masaryk by Czechs and their friendly neighbors, the Slovaks. We pay homage to T. G. Masaryk for creating a democratic state and we pay homage to him for caring about the state like few other leaders. It is appropriate to mention the special internal relationship that our nation shares with the United States of America, a relationship that has led directly to the joining of our nation to NATO. We hope that our brothers of the Slovak Republic will join NATO soon, too.

Allow me to thank Czech nationals whole-heartedly, those that participated and supported the origin of the statue, above all the American Friends of the Czech Republic, and thank the American congress and the city of Washington, D.C., that they gave permission for the placement of the statue on that honorable place.

I would also like to remind you what joins the great American nation with our Czech and Slovak nations: ideals that we share: peoples' freedom, peoples' rights, legal state, democratic political system, free economic market, responsibility of citizens' to the world, responsibility -- as Masaryk taught - has its origin in conscience, that the miracle of the world and human existence is not just chance, but its creator.

Thank you for the honor that you give me, in allowing me to unveil the statue.

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