What was my personal reaction to the unveiling of the T.G.M. monument in Washington?

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For an American of Czech background, the appearance of the Masaryk Statue in Washington has a multiple meaning as a confirmation of the close ties between the best American heritage and the foundations of the new Czechoslovak state. It should also serve as a reminder to the young generation that American ideals, first legally recognized in the 1848 Swiss constitution, had found a fertile ground on central European soil at the time when Europe was primarily inspired by the intellectual bequest of the French revolution with its emphasis on liberty and equality, but also by its bloody and imperial aftermath.

In a more personal sense, this writer is a product of a generation directly related to the existence of Czechoslovakia. He was brought up in the spirit of humanitarian ideals and exposed to often controversial positions regarding Masaryk's presidential tenure. His memories include the personal attendance at the private burial of the great man at the modest village cemetery of Lany. More than anything else, this souvenir exemplifies both the unpretentious character of the president-philosopher and the nation-wide sorrow over the loss of a man whose lifespan covered the period from the achievement of Czechoslovak spiritual and political maturity to the collapse of all we were dedicated to in Masaryk's spirit.

It is only proper at this very moment to bring such values to the attention of the American people. They are indeed universal.

Dr. Vladimir Kabes

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