October 28th

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October 28th is the Czech Day o Independence. It is the day we commemorate the founding of the Democratic state of Czechoslovakia. Thanks to the efforts of T.G. Masaryk, his colleagues and friends, the independence of the Czechoslovak state had been proclaimed on October 28, 1918. Even though it had to face many problems, the young state prospered until the time when German Fascists destroyed it. After World War 2, it was the Communists who continued in the destruction. First, they changed the name of the holiday to Nationalization Day, which was meant to celebrate the confiscation of private property by the state. Needless, to say not many people were enthusiastic and the festivities were a forced event.

Now we would like to celebrate the original event to awaken patriotism among our citizens, which is sadly lacking. It is now up to us to decide what we want and what our priorities are. The future of the Czech Republic is in our hands.

Eva Strizovska

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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