Did fear win?

Venda Šebrlová 10 2012 Aktuality English

I was glad to observe the disgusted face of the professional communist Jiri Dolejs who lost in  the election to the Senate in Prague. He made it into the second round but was again beaten by  architect Daniela Filipiova of ODS. ( She received the most votes in the senatorial elections.) Thus the communists retained only two congressmen and therefore the party does not have its own club in the Senate ( they  lost their advantages such as having  a state car, a personal secretary, etc.). This has happened nine times already…

How did other familiar faces do? In Prague the actor and senator Tomas Topfer(ODS) lost and was replaced by Prof. MUDr, Eva Sykova(CSSD)- she received 52% of the vote. Jiri Cunek (KDU-CSL) became a senator. He received 70% of the vote in Vsetin-  he is known for his fights with the Romanies. Is there a possibility of his solving further endless squabbles?   Tomio Okamura( tourist trade) won in Zlin as  an independent candidate and he immediately announced his candidacy for president of the countryin the January elections.  (According to the latest survey he is so far the third most popular candidate after Jan Fischer and Milos Zeman.)  Eliska Wagnerova, the former president of the Supreme court became a senator ( with the support of the Green party), and Milada Emmerova(CSSD), the former minister of health won over communist Jiri Valenta. Another former minister Jiri Bublan (CSSD) won over another communist Josef Zahradnicek in Trebic. In Teplice, where there are considerable social problems, Jaroslav Dubsky(KSCM) lost to Jaroslav Kubera (ODS). Alexander Vondra lost his senate seat and Petr Pithart did not run again. All in all- all the election results make interesting reading!

What is the impression of regional and senate elections? At first it looked as though the communists started a victorious comeback into politics. However, they did not succeed in the Senate( so far.). In the regions, however, it appears that everyone is ready to “cooperate” with anybody. The communists  and ODS definitely lost in the senatorial elections. Prime Minister Necas commented that it was neither his fault nor the fault of the ODS leadership, but of quarreling fractions in the party. In two weeks the party will hold its congress- there things will be happening for sure!

The communists took pleasure in the fact that Prague is not just “to the right” anymore as before. CSSD had already announced that it would complicate the life of the coalition as much as possible.  It is true that the political map  of our republic had been changing to orange-red during the past years and that we will have to be very busy  watching the politicians very carefully. In the senatorial elections common sense  of half a million voters was ( almost) victorious, (yet 2.8 million should have been there!)  Maybe people remembered the times of victorious February and they got scared? At least that much!


Translated by Marie Dolanska



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