October Editorial

Eva Střížovská 10 2012 Slovo redakce English

Finally- after twenty three years –our state officials woke up and saw the light. Yes, there are Czechs living everywhere in the world- not only in our little Central European basin! And so they organized a Week of Czechs Abroad- and they picked the important St. Venceslas’ Holiday for its start. The week began already on Monday by a visit to the Naprstek Museum and with a nice lecture by Dr. Milena Secka.

For those who might not know- Vojta Naprstek was one of the first people( right after Josef Sladek) who met with Czech émigrés in the USA. He came to America by ship to escape persecution by Austrian authorities who did not like his political activities. He stayed in the USA for some time – first with a woman of questionable morals (according to Vojta’s mother). Later – after the woman had disappeared with another man-Vojta occupied himself with book selling and with other business. Eventually his mother felt sorry for him and sent him some money…the whole story might make some interesting reading, but I have to return to the Week of Czechs Abroad. You may find more information about Vojta on the internet…

The International Czech Club introduced its talk show called Talks Without Borders also on Monday. Martina Fialkova interviewed the publisher of Cechoaustralan (Czechaustralian) Barbara Semenov.

On Tuesady the Senate awarded prizes entitled “Outstanding Czech Woman In The World”. I call them Valuable women. I know so many of them who would deserve such a prize.! For example Marie Dolanska of San Diego, who is translating for us into English, should be one of them. I hope that Lidove noviny will publish my article about her which they requested…. Also Jana Ruzickova( Australia), Zelka Zivna (California), Lida Luscherov (Canada), Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines (Great Britain)- our volunteer represantives abroad; also Clarice Snokhousova who does a lot of useful work in Texas both for our country men and women and for those who come to visit from the Czech Republic -together with her husband Raymond- a honorary consul in Texas. In addition I should mention all outstanding women who are helping us with our journal- the historian Dr. Jana Volfova, Lidka Lojdova, Venda Sebrlova, Olga Szsymanska, Eva Ludvikova. And I must no forget our valuable gentlemen- Jaromir Novotny (who does corrections), Pavel Mrazek (representative for Sweden) and others…

Translated by Marie Dolanska


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