Transcultural “Haven”

Olga Szymanská 6 2012 Kultura English


The Gallery “Smecky” in Prague presents an exhibition of large photographs together with miniature heads made of see weed. It is an opportunity to view the unique artistic creations of the artist Frantisek SKALA.

He is a multitalented artist ( born 1956) who studied woodcarving and film animation. He was successful as an illustrator of children’s books and received many prizes, e.g. several times the Certificate of Honor for Illustration IBBY. Since the 1980’s he created some sculptures, he writes poetry and is a musician and composer. He exhibited his work in more than a hundred exhibitions. The largest one took place in the Rudolfinum. He wrote music for the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary and was a guest artist at universities in Australia and in the USA.

He often visits the Headlands Center for the Arts in northern California for inspiration and work.


Abstract by Marie Dolanska


Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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