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I just returned home from the parade- tearful from emotion, exhausted from waving and shouting NAZDAR! It was splendid. About a week ago I wrote an article” How will it turn out? “ Well, it was magnificent! The weather was stormy after all the heat but it turned out to be fine from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. for the Sokols. The sky was a bit cloudy, there was a little breeze so that we did not suffer the 37 C heat predicted by the meteorologists.

I marched with the parade from the St. Wenceslas square to the Narodni street but could not go any further because of my raw skin on my feet. But I could watch the enthusiastic people from the whole republic and from the whole world marching by and shouting the names of their respective country or division (doplnit…………… ) greeting Prague.

Young people, short and tall, older gymnasts, colorful in their gymnastic outfits and uniforms brandishing their priceless flags, displaying signs of their respective countries or divisions-Australia, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia, handsome and skillful majorettes, marching bands and groups from all parts of the Czech Republic. Some folks in the parade danced, sang, and some did somersaults and flip-flaps! The applause of the onlookers was well-deserved and heart-felt. According to the radio news there were 150,000 parade participants.

I regret that I could not go with them all the way to the Old Town Square ( as I did six years ago) to greet and hug all my readers and Sokols from all over the world. But I will meet them at the followings events of the Sokol slet. Please look at:

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