Eva Střížovská 6 2012 Kultura English

She is the head-musician or “primas”, singer, cymbalist and an unusual woman who can be seen and heard almost daily in the restaurant U MARCANU in Prague.

Her full name is Zora Svobodova. She was born in Walachia, in Frenstat pod Radhostem. She learned to love folk songs in her childhood and youth. She studied piano, the cymbalo and classical music. But she loves folk songs above all else. She says: “Folk songs are very powerful both in music and in their texts. They provide help and comfort in every life situation.” After all, most great composers were inspired by folk music.

Miss Zora is not only a musician, she is a charming hostess who can welcome her guests in many languages including Chinese and Korean.

Isn’t she tired from performing daily for her guests? She says: “Yes, it is a lot of work, but I think that I am very lucky.”

Abstract by M. Dolanska

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