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7-8 2002 Naši ve světě English
obálka čísla

my name is Jerry (Jaroslav) Elzner and I am a 2st generation Czech-American. I live in Corpus Christi, Texas which is in south Texas on the Gulf of Mexico 250 km from Mexico. I want to thank editor Eva Strizovska who recently came to Texas to visit with Czech Texans across the state. She will be writting about us -I know you will find this very interesting. She asked if I would write an article about south Texas each month and I said yes.

My dad was born in Věterov, okres Hodonín in 1864 and came to Texas in 1904. My mother was born in Strání, okres Uherské Hradiště, in 1896 and came to Texas in 1924 and was my dads 3rd wife.

I speak Czech fairly well as my parents only spoke Czech - they did not learn English.

Here in Corpus Christi we have a nice Czech Community. We have 2 Czech halls - Sokol and Moravian. One Sokol is very active and we also have a number of other Czech organizations here.

In further articles I will talk about different organizations who are promoting and trying to preserve our Czech heritage here in Texas.

We have many oil refineries here and also a big deep sea port. Many big ships come and get oil and other items from all over the world.

The land is very flat and our main crops are cotton, corn, milo maize and cattle. This year the crops are bad. Because we had a little rain.

This will be all for this month and if ane one has any splecific questions about any thing here in south Texas writte to me and I will answer.

Na shledanou, Jerry Elzner

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