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The town of Jindrichuv Hradec commemorated the end of WWII with dignity – to honor all those who sacrificed all for their country. I think, however, that we also should mention an event which became part of the celebrations: One of the military divisions in Jindrichuv Hradec was named after general JOSEF ERET. This nomination happened on May 8, 2011 at the Prague Castle by the President of the Czech Republic.

It is also interesting to tell what preceded this event. It was necessary to look for descendants of the general and to find photographs and other documents that were needed for this nomination. Lieutenant Martin Vanourek from the Military Historical Institute started this difficult job by telephoning everyone with the surname Eret in the Czech Republic. He found many such people- but none of them knew anything about the general. Therefore Lieutenant Vanourek went back to the archives and to the internet and luckily found there the name of my father who used to be a subordinate of general Eret; subsequently he found the phone number of my granddaughter and eventually my name. I did not have any professional photograph of the general, only some amateur pictures that my father took at the occasion of general Patton’s visit at the Hluboka castle where both general Eret and Rytir were also present. Our search continued. It occurred to me to ask my friends here and abroad for further information. I knew that general Eret moved to Vienna in 1947, where he worked as a military attaché, and that he emigrated with his whole family to the USA after the communist takeover in 1948. Soon I heard from my e-mail friend, Dr. Marie Dolanska. She wrote that she had known the Eret family personally in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1950’s. They had found temporary employment in the suburbs with a wealthy family - the general was employed as a gardener and his wife became a cook. An important connection was also their daughter, Mrs. Iva Mostecka. And so Lieutenant Vanourek continued in his labors and eventually found the address of Mrs. Iva Pokorny in Sweden - who is the general’s granddaughter. In the meantime Mrs. Mostecky passed away and Mrs. Pokorny was faced with a difficult and sad task - to take care of the legacy of her parents and to find required photographs of general Eret to finalize his recognition and celebration.

I believe that all of those who helped in the search can be pleased that a good deed was finally accomplished - due to the relentless labors of Lieutenant Vanourek and to several lucky coincidences.

In conclusion, allow me to add a personal remembrance of the general. In 1945 general Eret lived with us for a short time in our home. He was a well-built gentleman, always perfectly dressed, wearing polished boots and carrying white gloves in his hand. He was always friendly and kind - with a clean and loving soul and I am happy that he will be honored.

Eva Clarova, Tabor
Translated by M.D

P.S. SEARCH FOR DESCENDANTS OF GENERAL ERET IN THE USA was also very interesting. Thanks to the internet and to several helpful and kind Americans who knew the Mostecky family, I received the following phone call from Pennsylvania: “My name is M. de P. and my wife is the great granddaughter of general Eret. Her mother is Iva Pokorny, she lives in Sweden and here is her address.” In addition this gentleman sent me several sets of photographs so that I got to know most of the family. General Eret would have been very pleased to know that he has so many descendants in the world who think of him with love.

Marie Dolanska

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