March Editorial

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Dear Readers,

Our new Web site is filling up, even though at a gradual pace. The reason is, that we are just learning... I’ve been thinking of those good old days twenty years ago, when a journalist simply used a typewriter to write a text, stapled on a photo, and handed it in to the printer’s. And today? The computer is supposed to speed up and facilitate work. Well, it all depends for whom, and definitely not for me. I’m constantly looking for something. The article that I saved yesterday in my March file is no longer there. So I’ve begun looking. I could click on “search”, but I forgot the name of the article. And so I am opening other files, finding different articles, and realizing to my dismay that there’s one I forgot to send out, another one needs to be completed, and still another one needs some relevant information. I’d better do it now, before I forget! And so I start sending out e-mails and I find others that need to be taken care of. It’s all so time consuming. In the meantime, I forget that there was an article I was looking for. In the Editorial I usually mention what’s new in the CR, any new scandals that seem to fizzle out and disappear, new arguments among politicians and political parties, etc. I assure you that it all continues at even a faster pace including the peculiar behavior of our president. However, pardon me for not writing about it. I shall make up for it later. I would like to ask you to read the January Editorial and react to it.

Thank you,

Eva Střížovská

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