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obálka čísla

Dear Readers, As you’ll see on p.50, the Czech Dialogue magazine, will no longer be published in the printed version, at least within the near future, It will continue being on the Internet in a more improved form than it is today. Pictures will be added etc. The reason is that the financial and organizational situation has become unsustainable. There are not enough paying readers, no grants, the small amounts from our sponsors although we are grateful for them, plus advertisements, do not cover the production expenses. Staying on the Internet depends upon several factors. Firstly, whether by using this form, we’ll be able to find advertising. Secondly whether our faithful readers would read the Internet version and be willing to send a voluntary donation for the creator of our Web site, namely the Webmaster, the rent of a small office, and phone service in the Klementinum since we shall continue being even more active, as the International Czech Club. There will be more time for those activities and thus they will gain in quality. We shall also publish other printed matter such as books or other smaller publications, as long as we find the money to do that.

In this issue we shall make note of our related magazines from which you may order a printed version. It is for example an critical magazine Polygon, or Čechoaustralan, which has a similar contain as Czech Dialogue – to connect Czech through the world.

Our thanks go to all the authors and volunteers who have worked for us. However, it is not a final goodbye.

To our readers, we wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Eva Střížovská

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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