Benes Decrees (Executive Orders of President Eduard Benes)

7-8 2002 Dějiny English
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For over a decade, the Governments of Germany and Austria, have been engaged in a concerted effort to force the Czech government to repeal the 'Benes Degrees' (Executive Orders of Eduard Benes, the president of Czechoslovakia) recently Hungarian government has joined Germany and Austria in that effort.
In a nutshell, these Benes Decrees ordered deportation of non-citizens, primarily ethnic Germans and Hungarians, who accepted German and Hungarian citizenship after Munich-1938. Unbelievable as it may sound, some ethnic Germans kept their Czechoslovakian citizenship, endured the wrath of Hitler and were never deported to Germany.
German-Austrian spokesmen never mentioned, that none of the deported were citizens of Czechoslovakia. In the finest tradition of "Goebblesian Methodology of Leadership", these spokesmen are accusing the Czech government of human rights violations.
At this moment I am not sure, whether the 'Office of Strategic Influence' is closely cooperating and collaborating with the counterparts in Germany and Austria.
I am sure though, that periodically US Law Enforcement Agencies are conducting 'dragnets' to roundup foreigner, who do not have legal permits to reside in the USA. These illegals are then deported to their countries of origin; I am also sure, that before WWII, Hitler had many admirers in this country.
Is this another case of "Do as I tell you, don't do as I do" ?
It is a fact, that ethnic Germans were high ranking officers in the Czechoslovakian armed forces before 1939. These officers collaborated with Hitler in the destruction of Czechoslovakia. What did you say has happened to Benedict Arnold (1741 -1801) of US 'fame'? ...... Another case of "Do as I tell you, ...........".
During WWII, Czech nationals were forcibly hauled to Germany to work as slaves for civilian enterprises.
There, they were subjected to 'Vernichtung durch Arbeit' (Annihilation through Work); many of Czechs died as a consequence of this policy.
In the state of Oregon, USA a person who shoots his own dog, may be punished by incarceration for up to 12 months.
Hitler was calling president Eduard Benes of Czechoslovakia "Boemischer Hund" (Czech Dog).
An American court ruled, that the value of a Czech laborer be set at about 0.011 US cents an hour, or you can buy nine (9) hours of a 'free' Czech laborer for mere one red cent.
At the same time every Czech is forbidden to seek compensation for damages, and is forbidden to seek justice for capital crimes committed against them by citizens of Germany.
In the eyes of the world, any Czech national has lesser rights than an American dog.
The Sudeten Germans, Slovakia Hungarians, governments of Germany, Austria, Hungary and now of European Union claim, that the Executive Orders of president Eduard Benes violate human rights of those, who were deported from Czechoslovakia and who were citizens of a foreign country and did not possess residence permit.
It has been held true, that Hitler and his government committed crimes, atrocities and human rights violation in all the countries Hitler and his armies invaded, and never compensated those who they victimized.
It is customary in the United States of America, that the Law Enforcement Agencies confiscate property of proven criminals, their associates and those who traffic with the criminals.
The actions of Austrians, Germans, Hungarians and members of EU are beginning to rewrite history and are beginning to glorify, to deify Hitler and his associates, without naming him.
Their actions herald to the whole world, that they consider theirs 'God Given Right' to invade any and all territories and keep the profits of their conquests. They claim the right to keep the gold they harvested from the cadavers of concentration (extermination) camps of Hitler.
Recently, the news media were reporting, that Bernd Posselt is planning to establish a 'Contact Center' for German ethnic group, members of which call themselves 'Sudeten Germans, and who want to operate in the Czech republic. These Germans claim they were citizens of Czechoslovakia.
According to records, nobody ever bestowed Czechoslovakian citizenship on peoples, who accepted German citizenship from Hitler.
Herr Bernd Posselt was born on the 4th of June 1956 in Pforzheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg a federal republic of Germany; therefore, he is a native born German.
Pforzheim was built on a site of former Roman settlement Portus in a former Old-Roman province of 'Agri Decumates'.
Herr Bernd Posselt is a member of CSU (Christlich-Soziale Union = Christian Social Union), German political party in Bavaria; Chairman of UdV (Union der Vertriebenen = Union of the Expelled [Sudeten Germans], UdV is associated with CSU); he is a representative in the European Parliament since 1979. Parliament of the EU proposes, that newly accepted members would not have any representatives in the EU parliament for two years.
Herr Bernd Posselt is attempting to open his office in Prague and since he is a member of German political party, and since he is a member of the EU Parliament, it would be only reasonable to assume, that his aims are to introduce Czech republic into EU as an integral part of German Federal Republic.
Ethnic Czechs would never gain their representation, they would never achieve national and cultural independence.
Close cooperation between "Goebblesian Methodology of Leadership" and the "Office of Strategic Influence" would be very fruitful.
We do want to remind you, that Osama bin Laden established his offices, his Contact Centers, his training camps in Bosnia and Kosovo with unquestioning support of the Western powers.
Former Yugoslavia opposed Stalin, was heralded as a great ally of Democratic West; Slovakia was closely cooperating with the West in destruction of Czechoslovakia.
Yugoslavia was already "rewarded" for their assistance, Slovakia is waiting for its reward. Will the Czech republic be next in line to receive the same rewards?
In conclusion - Hitler has won and his inheritors demand all that Hitler has conquered.

Joseph Slovacek, USA

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