Frantisek Bilek (1872-1941) artist, mystic, and philosopher...

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...was born in Chynov. He was a contemporary of Alfons Mucha and of the writers Julius Zeyer and Otokar Brezina. His famous villa was built in the years 1910-1911 and many of his creations can be found in it and in the adjoining garden. The villa was reopened for the public on September 24, 2010, and accessible daily from 10 to 6 P.M. except Monday.

Bilek was an all-around artist and also a philosopher and religious thinker. In addition to sculpture he also produced drawings, worked in architecture, woodcarvings and even designed furniture and ceramics. He was known as a mystic and symbolic artist. Much symbolism can be found in the interior design of his residence. The artist’s daughter occupied the villa for many years and took excellent care of all the artistic works of her father. Thus much of the creations were preserved intact. She eventually. donated the residence to the state.

Bilek’s works created much criticism and opposition for their newness and originality. A new book about the artist entitled „Frantisek Bilek and His Prague Atelier“ was published simultaneously with the reopening of his villa.

Martina Fialkova
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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