The Persecution of Christians in the World

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Violent attacks on Christians have been reported taking place in Nigeria, Iraq. Egypt, in the Philippines and elsewhere. These have to be considered as attacks on basic human rights and it is essential that the European Union take a firm stand against them.

All international agreements of EU with the Third World countries guarantee religious freedom since 1995.

The violence that is being perpetrated by the radical Muslims on Christians in Egypt is not sufficiently covered by their media. We are in contact with Europeans and Czechs who help the Christians in Cairo and it is very dangerous work for all involved.

The Czech Republic demonstrated that it is able to help dissidents in Cuba, China and in other countries with totalitarian regimes. The persecuted Christians need help both from our country and from the EU. We have asked our minister of foreign affaires to bring this problem again to the attention of the EU government so that the persecution of Christians will be stopped.

Zuzana Roithova
Congresswoman of the
European Parliamnet

Pavel Belobradek
President of KDU-CSL

Abstract by M.D.

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