Volodymyr of Uzhorod

7-8 2010 Ostatní English
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This young gentleman (28), Volodymyr Pohoyda is a successful manager of a Prague branch of a British firm. He was born in Uzhorod, in what used to be called the CARPATHIAN RUTHENIA (Pokarpatska Rus) until 1945.

This small enclave situated between the Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia was part of the Czechoslovak Republic between 1919-1945. In fact the people of Ruthenia applied to both President Masaryk and Wilson to become part of Czechoslovakia. The relationship between Ruthenia and the other parts of Czechoslovakia was always very good. Many outstanding people came from that region, for example the writer Marie Sulcova, the artist Jan Kristofori, actor Ladislav Smoljak, or professor Ivan Horbacevsky, the founder of modern medical chemistry. Ruthenia inspired many writers, for example Ivan Olbracht, Vladislav Vancura, Geza Vcelicka, and others. The population consisted mostly of Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Jews, and Rumanians.

Unfortunately, Carpathian Ruthenia was in 1945 “given” to the Soviet Union. The people were devastated by this turn of events. Many wanted to leave but the borders were closed. Those who left lost most of their properties. Over time many succeeded to escape to other countries under difficult conditions and to make their home elsewhere.

Volodymyr learned Czech from his grandmother and later in life learned English. His chosen field became computer science. He studied at various schools of higher learning - in Hungary, Vienna, Zurich, and London. He started his own business in Prague and was successful. Eventually he was hired by a British firm. He is still not sure whether he will stay in Prague - he might have a better future in London or in the USA. Besides the Czechs are not always friendly to “outsiders” and some experts form the “West” are not satisfied with the way they are treated in the Czech Republic.

Bohuslav Hynek
Short translation by Marie Dolanska

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