Finally you can have Hasler Dokumentary

3-4 2010 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

Most of us are probably familiar with the song Ceská pisnicka, but how many know anything of the man or the story behind the song? The man was Karel Hašler and his son, Tom Hasler, has spent many years and great effort in the making of a documentary film telling the extraordinary story of his father's life from stage and film star in Czechoslovakia to Nazi prisoner in the Mauthausen concentration camp. His songs, collectively called Hašlerky, are still heard frequently on Czech radio and are sung in pubs all over the country. Noted author Arnošt Lustig, who collaborated on the documentary and who wrote the text for the sleeve of the soon to be released DVD put it this way: "The balladeer Karel Hasler is the Czech nation's cultural treasure, he is the Czechs'immortal bard - the Immortal Balladeer."

Finally the film is ready for salle! But! There are rights to sell it through all the world except CR and SR. The price is 20 US for oversee and 15 EUR in Europe.

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