* A Memorial to Czechoslovak Parachutists in Scotland

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On November 11, 2009 a memorial was unveiled in the small town of Arisaig in Scotland in honor of about 300 Czech and Slovak parachutists who had been specially trained here before being flown to and dropped over Nazi-occupied Europe, including the area of the so-called Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during WWII. Among them were also Jan KUBIS and Jozef GABCIK, who among others lost their lives after assassinating Rheinhard Heydrich the Nazi boss of the Protectorate.

Dr. Paul Millar, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Edinburgh initiated this project. His father was a member of the RAF during the war.

Dr. Millar was able to accomplish this task with the help of friends in Scotland and in the Czech Republic. The training of the parachutists took place at the northeastern part of Scotland between the communities of Morar and Arisaig. Local people have welcomed the establishment of this memorial. There is a new highway leading directly to Arisaig and the area is visited by many tourists every year.

Josef Kram
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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