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3-4 2009 Ohlasy a názory English
obálka čísla

Known to most of us here today as Roy Levin.

Roy was born in Krnov at village near Prague in the Czech Republic on the 31st March 1921. He was the only child of a well to do couple and Roy enjoyed a good education.

Just prior to the last war, in 1938, Roy, at the age of 17 was sent to England, his parents sensing the onslaught of trouble in The Czech Republic.

Roy served in the Czech Army during the war and was awarded the Military Medal for saving a colleague in battle. Roy, when telling me about his time in the services mentioned his award but played down the reason for this act of heroism. To me, he was an O. K. guy for just fighting alongside his adopted country’s servicemen.

Roy met Jill in 1960, after the breakup of his first marriage. After their marriage, they continued to support his two children Mary Ann, who is here today and Stephen, who sadly died a few years ago.

I first met Roy in the mid 60’s when Molly, my wife, and Jill worked together for BOAC at Heathrow Airport.

As a foursome and some times with our other friends, we would meet for social functions and meals out.

It was soon obvious to me that Roy was a very intelligent person, he spoke five languages fluently and had a smattering of a few others, too. His outstanding knowledge of History and Geography was well known to our local group of friends.

Had I ever been asked to enter a team in a general knowledge Quiz, Roy would have been my first choice in that team.

It was early on in our friendship that Roy who was working as a Textile representative, was made redundant and being the intellectual that he was, retrained as a computer programmer, not bad for a man in his 40’s.

His love of computing remained until the end of his life, with him making many contacts throughout the world mostly with expats of The Czech Republic.

Roy enjoyed travel especially to his Homeland, initially by car, then by air and latterly by coach. He also loved his jokes which he received from his friend which he would translate into English for me.

He was a member of CAMERA, the campaign for real ale; a member of the British Legion at Harply Village, a supporter of the Conservative Association and a regular visitor, with Jill, to the British Airways retired staff social gatherings in the Norfolk area.

Latterly, Roy, suffered a stroke and had difficulty in walking and his speech became weak. This really did frustrate him, especially when he could not get the punchline of his jokes over to me!

During all this time, Jill has been a tower of strength; being his cook, housekeeper, driver, nurse and his carer. She more than most will be feeling a deep sense of loss.

Goodbye old friend.

Eric Lamb

Vojta Levin byl náš dlouholetý věrný čtenář. Posílali jsme si občas e-maily. Velký článek česky i anglicky jsme otiskli v čísle 5/2006 – možno najít na www.cesky-dialog.net – archiv.

Je nám líto, že jsme ztratili tak milého čtenáře a člověka...


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