Sunken patriots and EU.

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Close to French-German border on the Rhein is small but symbolic town Strasbourg. Very few Czechs and Slovaks are live there, who found a new home there after our occupation in 1968.
Association of natives from Czechoslovakia, which is keeping our people in France together, has its digression in Strasbourg In the 150 th aniversary of the birth of T. G. Masaryk, I received kind invitation, if I could entertain our people with the programme which is intended for the memory of our first president. So allow me to share my nice experience presented to me by Strasbourg´s Czechoslovaks by the invitation.
I hope pretentiously, that even my action provided nice and interesting cultural evening for them.
Soul and heart of Strasbourg Czechoslovak Association is Mrs. Drahomira Roth. Under leadership, but even for great help of members, she organised many actions, mainly for the purpose not to loose the connection of the tangue and country of birth.
The activity of this kind does not get thanks often. For me the start of performance was touching. Programme "Song (Písnička) for president" is dramatisation of Capek´s Talk with TGM, prepared for one actor only. This programme was already well received in Austria, Switzerland and Canada where it was accepted with great emotion, tears and applaud. But in France it is a little different. With Strasbourg Association of Czechoslovaks cooperate and are even French members. Not only they were applauding regardeless they did not know the words, they at least grumbled "Ach synku, synku", which was in the end sang by all of us. And so Strasbourg people, many thanks that you are not forgeting your own language.

Jiří Brož, translated by Ladislav Kropáček

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