Painter Jiri TRNKA

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obálka čísla

    was a Czech graphic artist, illustrator, and one of the founders of the Czech animated cartoon film production. He was born 90 years ago, on February 29, 1912 and died on December 30, 1969. He probably inherited his talent from his mother, in whose family there were several skilled woodcarvers. Jiri studied at the College for Industrial Arts in Prague, worked for some time with J. Skupa, a famous Czech puppeteer, and drew illustrations for children's books.
    In 1945 he became Artistic Director of the animated film studio whose logo depicted 3 brothers in T-shirts. The Czech name of the studio was "Bratri v triku" (Brothers in T-shirts). Gene Deitch,* an American animated film expert who worked with Trnka and others in Prague, called the studio "Brothers in Trick" which is not an exact translation.
    Trnka's most famous animated films are "The Emperor's Nightingale", "Old Czech Folk Tales", or "The Good Soldier Svejk.". The music for his films was generally composed by Vaclav Trojan. Even though Trnka wrote most of his own film scripts, he published only one book, called "The Garden". One of his films entitled "The Glove" depicted the sad and oppressive atmosphere that followed the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. The film could not be shown in his homeland until after the Velvet revolution of 1989.

Translated by Marie Dolansky

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