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Dear Readers,

You may be happy to hear that the Czech Dialogue will be published one more year. As far as I’m concerned, I was rather hoping for the opposite so I could finally devote my time to finishing my books as well as other activities that I’ve had no time for, for the past 18 years due to publishing the magazine. Something had happened that made me, and my colleague Ing. Fialkova and other volunteer helpers decide that we have to continue. I shall not go into details since the organizational, financial and administrative issues may bore you. To make it short, I want to ask you just as in the year 2000 (does anybody remember?) “Do you want us? Will you subscribe to us?”

It’s already 18years since I had decided to become an independent publisher and later realized that I’d become my own slave. Those who remember my moans and groans from the Diary of the Editor will know what I’m talking about.

Editing the articles, printer’s deadlines, looking for photographs, pictures, mailing issues, dealings with authors, the mail, trying to scrape up extra money since the subscriptions were by far not enough for printing expenses, picking up the bundles from the printer’s, distributing issues in crowded Prague, keeping track of subscriber payments, sending copies to authors etc, that would make a long and boring story.

18 years ago I was full of energy and euphoria and I was able to manage even such situations as the following. On the way to the printer’s I found out that the last page of the issue was blank. I took out a marker and filled in the missing information such as “Do you want to advertise? This page is for you! Don’t delay!“ Or one of the printing companies had a mess in front of the building, all kinds of debris, so that I was unable to park there. Therefore I immediately discontinued their service and found another company. In yet another place when I came to pick up the issues. I was told that the printer went to the dentist’s. In the euphoria of the early 90’s I naively believed that all rejoice and are willing to work hard and honestly. It may be appropriate at this point to let you know that during the past years the printing company at the Pankrac prison has been doing our work and the co-operation with them is more than satisfactory.

Now back to the magazine. We have so many beautiful and interesting articles that we don’t have to search for. We get them from intelligent, educated and kind authors who know well that there will be no monetary reward and in spite of that, they work for us.

For many years we’ve had many faithful readers – subscribers at home and abroad (including Slovakia). They write wonderful letters and e-mails that give us energy. We are very thankful for that. Unfortunately their number is not enough to cover all the printing expenses etc. Advertising helps, but just so, so. A financial injection would really come in handy, but where can we find it at the time of a starting financial crisis?

Nevertheless, please allow me dear readers to ask you for support, whether by subscribing for yourselves or for your dear ones as a gift for Christmas, or just letting people know about the chance to subscribe to such an interesting publication.

The year 2009 will definitely be the LAST YEAR OF THE PRINTED VERSION OF THE CZECH DIALOGUE. After that there will be just an Internet version.

For those who have no time to read our magazine but still would like to help us, there is the International Czech Club. Its activities are highly appreciated. The Club is the publisher of the magazine and welcomes any financial donations. We are not demanding, we work as volunteers, however we still must pay for the telephone, Internet, Web Site, as well as for the reasonable rent in the wonderful environment of the Klementinum.

My sincere thanks to all those who understand us.

Wishing you a Peaceful and Joyous Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Eva Střížovská

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