Walking Along Karlova St. to “Rynecek” (Little Square)

7-8 2008 Ostatní English
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Karlova Street used to be one of the main roads in Prague. It was also a part of the socalled “royal road” along which the Czech kings rode from Vysehrad to the St. Vitus cathedral to attend their coronation. Many interesting houses with very imaginative names can still be found here. There is a house called “U zlate studne” (At the Goldern Well). The first movie “theater” in Prague called Ponrepo was opened at the house called “U zlateho pulkola” (At the Golden Half-Wheel). The house “U francouzske koruny” (At the French Crown) used to be the home of the astronomer J. Keller who worked here on his famous book “Astronomia Nova”. The well known Baroque artist Jan Skreta lived in the house called “U modre stiky” (At the Blue Pike). At the crossing of Husova St. is the Gothic church of St. Jilji where Jan Milic z Kromerize used to preach. He was one of the forerunners of the Church reformer Jan Hus.

Continuing further along the “Mala Karlova” and “Jilska” Streets we arrive at the “Vladislavsky” Palace where the composer E.M. von Weber used to live. Eventually we come to the “Male namesti” or “Rynecek” (Little Square) consisting of houses renovated largely in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the middle of the square is a beautiful Renaissance fountain. The most interesting house here is called “U Rotha”. Its façade was decorated by the artist Mikolas Ales. Few people know that the first Czech Bible was printed at this location. Not too far from here is the famous inn called “U zelene zaby” (At the Green Frog) built in early Gothic style. According to legend, the unlucky Czech king Vaclav IV used to spend time here and drink with his companions.

Jana Volfova
Translated by Marie Dolanska

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