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3-4 2008 Aktuality English
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Those Who Already Have Them Should Advise Us - Let's Ask The Russians!

The latest objection to the American Radar base is that it will be dangerous to the health of people living nearby. Some folks claim that not everything is as safe as our congressmen claim- they had already visited a similar radar base in the Pacific on the island Kwaialein.

The Russians already have TWO similar bases-one about 60 km outside of Moscow, and another one near Petersburg. Therefore let us ask the people at the Russian embassy in Prague to tell us about the influence of those projects on the environment. They should tell to us through their media what the ordinary citizens in Russia think about their radar bases. There must also have some Russian mayors of nearby communities who had agreed to or opposed the building of their radar bases. Maybe they had their own opinions about the project which they could share with us since now there is democracy in Russia.

Also we would like to hear from Mr. Josef Pazderka, the present newspaper correspondent in Russia- he could arrange for us an interview with ordinary citizens who live near Moscow or Petersburg- we would like to hear from them also. Let us hear from those who already have their radar bases !

We would like to hear their opinions- how the negotiations went and what had they been officially told before the bases were built?

Here in the Czech Republic we only hear about the opinions of highly placed people-. For example, General Michail Puzikov said that rockets called Islander will also be placed in Belorus for "collective security."

Similarly, the Russian General Zarickij talked about improving their rockets to make them fly further than 500 km. Also Mr. Ruslan Puchov talks about a possible conflict with NATO, in which case the rockets could be used on the Baltic States! Obviously the Russians are counting on CONFLICT, whereas we are talking about DEFENSE.

We hear only from Russian generals and bosses instead of from ordinary citizens whereas many citizens and mayors of numerous communities can be heard repeatedly in the Czech Republic - many "No's to Radar bases" are heard from the Czech Republic. What has been happening in Russia before their bases were built?

We in the EU only want those things that the Russians already have. They had never consulted us about what they were building there. According to Mr. Putin their bases cover a vast area from the North Pole all the way to Africa, i.e. all of Europe. We in Europe are concerned about the increasing danger from Iran. Therefore we want a radar base turned Eastward. What is so strange about that?

The construction of the radar base is very expensive. In Europe we do not have oil or natural gas and that justifies to have the base built by those who can afford it. We are not thinking about conflict. We want prevention which the Russians have already!

K. Mrzilek
Translated by Marie Dolanska

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