Position of the Democratic Club No 37

3-4 2008 Aktuality English
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On the Appeal for civil disobedience in connection with the introduction of co-payments for health care

In connection with the current reforms of health care, which include required co-payments for medical care to doctors, hospitals as well as in pharmacies, a group of celebrities including several members of the Czech Parliament called on citizens to disobey the law. The law was also challenged at the Constitutional Courts.

The Democratic Club, while not considering the merits of the co-payments, believes that any defiance of valid laws and public appeal for such defiance, is an attack on democracy. We believe that a precondition of the democratic system is compliance with laws by all citizens including those who do not like one or another law. Unacceptable is also the reference by the authors of the appeal to the case currently awaiting the decision by the Constitutional Court. As long the Court has not ruled on the constitutionality of the law, the law is valid and every citizen is required to obey it. We consider it especially deplorable that the authors of the appeal were joined by members of the Parliament, who should be an example in respecting for the laws of the land.

Prague, February 15, 2008

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