US Presidential Candidates Have Czech Roots

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As has been reported by and other sources, John McCain, the Republican presidential contender, and Barack Obama, his Democrat rival, are of royal blood, both having descended from the same Scottish king. They share a common bloodline that can be traced to William I of Scotland, or William the Lion, the monarch who ruled Scotland from 1165 to 1214. Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother and a Kenyan father, later living in Indonesia. The Arizona senator McCain has the same royal lineage. Both Mr McCain and Mr Obama can trace their ancestry to Isabel of Scotland, an illegitimate daughter of William the Lion with a daughter of Richard Avenal. Mr McCain's four-times great-grandparents, Hugh and Agnes McCain, immigrated to Caswell County, North Carolina, in 1778. Mr Obama's maternal ancestor, Edward FitzRandolph, immigrated to America more than 100 years earlier. According to research by Czech-American historian and genealogist Mila Rechcigl, King William the Lion's roots can be traced to Duke Boleslav I of Bohemia (ca 900- 967), Duke Vratislav I (877-ca 919) and Duke Borivoj I (ca 842-894). He, also, independently found that both Obama and McCain have descended from King Edward I of England (1239-1307) whom he was previously able to link with King Vratislav II of Bohemia ( -1091). Interestingly, Mitt Romney, who recently bowed out of the presidential race, had similar lineage. Among the other serious contenders for US presidency, only Hillary Clinton, who apparently lacks any royal blood, cannot be linked with the Bohemian royalty. Nobody wants to predict the outcome of this year's elections but it should be noted that 32 out of 43 Presidents, i.e. 75%, had royal blood.

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