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3-4 2008 Slovo redakce English
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Originally I wanted to write about blooming daisies and tulips and forget about the Czech foolish and weird politics. But I can't do it. After the shameful way the presidential election was conducted, the narcissistic Mr.Klaus barely won over Jan Svejnar (see the article by J. Vanous, p. 38), I would like to mention a few other news items.

First of all the book by Eric Tabery entitled: "We Govern - Do Not Disturb". The author talks about the "post-revolution" years filled with political scandals and lies, about stealing of state property, about strange associations of our politicians with thugs from the underworld and leftover crooks from the previous regime. He talks in great detail about the so-called "Opposition Agreement" between two opposing political parties with quite different programs, about the public expression of animosities between the opposing party leaders Zeman and Klaus. Yetwhen power and money were involved- the two political aging and vain rivals miraculously reached an agreement. They divided the spoils, filled important positions with their supporters, swapped some jobs and onward we go- business as usual. The voters are not pleased? So what? The citizens demonstrate on Venceslas Square and proclaim: "Thanks, but please go". Who cares? They are just ordinary folks - we don't have to consider them at all!

Erik Tabery describes in his book objectively and precisely all those things that most thinking citizens of our country have known for many years: A few arrogant greedy hoarders from the two strongest parties (not intelligent and educated people who would represent the voters as it should be done in a democracy) are convinced that they have the right to run the country. The smaller parties are not allowed to influence anything. The two strongest parties run the justice department (which is really tragic) and they manipulate the media including the press.

Yet Mr. Tabery's book ends on an optimistic note: He seems to believe that our people have already learned to object and to express their opinions. Once in a while public pressure did bring about some slight improvements or at least some mitigation of glaring wrongs of our "leaders".

The historian and writer Jan Urban expresses similar views. "It seems that the politicians and their buddies have created an untouchable class. Unpunished roguish behavior in the Czech Republic is often covered up by suddenly "blind" police and by persons in power. It is important that citizens observe such evil practices and fight back."

I agree. It is spring and time for everyone to wake up from lethargy and to stop putting up with everything.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Eva Strizovska
Translated by Marie Dolanska

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