Howdy from Texas/Jak se máš?

1-2 2007 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

For several month the author traveled through middle, east and south Texas, she visited places, where descendats of Czech immigrants live. She observed very closely the living conditions and was listenning to the stories of their ancestors, and their arrival and their beginnings in Texas. She stayed at the homes of many Czechs, listened to oldtimers and also representatives of the young generation. She researched many papers and documents that dealt with that subject.

The phenomenon of building new lives in a new country, thousands of miles away from their native land in the unique state, state of Texas so impress her, that she keeps returning to Texas again and again. She is getting new experiences for her upcoming book.

The characters that the reader shall meet in the book, are names of legendary figures of priests, teachers and farmars, as well as of those of present day.

The book presents a colorful collage of experiences, philosophies and interesting descriptions of natural and historical points of Texas, the second biggest state in USA. Czechs have played an important role in creation of development of this state since forties of 19. century. The book will be bilingual, both in Czech and English - very handy for students of these languages. The book will contain many photos.

Publication is scheduled to be published on October 2006. The October in Texas is The Month of Czech Heritage and Culture.

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