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9 2006 Ohlasy a názory English
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BERLIN/AUSCHWITZ/VATICAN CITY (Own report) - In a speech, which was widely felt to be outrageous, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, the German Pope Benedict XVI, described the murderers of National Socialist Germany as a "gang of criminals". He asserted that the German people were delivered into the hands of this gang and "abused" by them. The Pope made these claims during a visit to the former concentration camp at Auschwitz and provoked international protest. According to the French press, he gave the impression that he wanted to acquit his countrymen of every responsibility. This sort of self-exculpation goes largely uncriticised in Germany and has the approval of wide sections of society. Whilst Ratzinger prayed for historical and heavenly forgiveness for the mass of Germans ("unser Volk"), he sharply attacked some of his former enemies in the anti-Hitler coalition. The Pope was a one-time member of occupation forces under the Nazi regime. Ratzinger said that the "blood sacrifice of Russian soldiers" had a "dual significance" because it had served "a new dictatorship". Similar views are widespread in the German and international revisionist scene. They apply to the troops who liberated Auschwitz on 27th January 1945 and who fought alongside the Western powers until the successful taking of the Berlin Reichstag Ratzinger has already given credence to revisionist opinion, which is directed against the legal international agreements of the Potsdam Accord.

NUREMBERG/PRAGUE (Own report) - Even before a new Czech government has been constituted, prominent German politicians are exerting pressure on Prague. They are demanding the indictment of former members of the Czechoslovakian resistance against Nazi-occupation. The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber, called on the conservative winners of the elections in Prague to meet this demand. Last weekend, Stoiber was the keynote speaker at a German revisionist federation's meeting ("Sudeten Germans' Day"). Under the slogan "Banishment is Genocide" they declare that the resettlement of Germans, in the aftermath of WW II, are crimes without a statute of limitations and can therefore be prosecuted at any time. In their efforts to influence Czech policy, these German federations bank on the support of German-friendly circles in the Czech Republic, including the Greens, to revise post war history. The origins of the Czech Greens date back to the period of dissidence in the 1970s and '80s. Already at that time, the Greens had close contacts to German revisionist federations.

Joseph Slovacek Oregon, USA

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