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    This is the name of the new page on the SVU Website, which can be accessed on the following URL address:
    It is a comprehensive systematic guide to Internet sites relating to immigrants in America from the territory of former Czechoslovakia, including Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Slovakia, and Subcarpathian Ruthenia.
    There is a tremendous amount of information on INTERNET about immigrants with Czechoslovak roots but the information is scattered and difficult to find without some prior knowledge of immigration and ethnic history. This was the reason why this site was constructed. Dr. Miloslav Rechcigl, who compiled this guide, had two aims in mind: 1- to make the listing as comprehensive as possible to enable the user to find almost any information he/she is searching for regarding Czechoslovak America; and 2- to present information in simple, logical and systematic manner to enable the user to find the information quickly and with ease.
    To compile information of this type has been difficult and rather tedious because nothing comparable has been done before. Despite the difficulties, the compiler has succeeded in putting together a respectable listing that has reached mega proportions. The listing is obviously still incomplete and more work will be needed. The compiler would therefore welcome receiving information on other sites that should be added. The information should be sent via

e-mail to

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