Events -- September

10 2001 Slovo redakce English
obálka čísla

    Young people traveled from Bohemia and Moravia to the Banat region of Romania to help during the harvest in the village of Gernik, inhabited by ethnic Czechs, the descendants of settlers from the former Austro-Hungarian empire in the 18th century. Relations with Austria continue to be tense and some Austrian politicians have even suggested that Austria should reduce its contributions to the EU budget because the EU financially supports projects in the Czech Republic, while the Czech government "throws money away" on construction of the Temelin nuclear power plant. September is the period of "burcak", tempestuous wine, or if you like partly fomented wine juice.

    2. The new head of the Czech air force František Padělek sets as his main aim the safety of flight training.
    3. Investigators from the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes give the state prosecutor a proposal for criminal charges of treason against former Communist functionaries Miloš Jakeš and Jozef Lenárt.
    4.-6. Used car importers and driving school operators organize a blockade of the Transport Ministry in protest against a new law and caused traffic chaos in Prague.
    6. Václav Havel met his Austrian coun terpart Thomas Klestil in Vienna.
    9. Around 700 historic monuments were opened for European Heritage Day.
    11. In connection with the terrorist at tacks, the Czech government held a crisis meeting. Security at American buildings in the CR was increased.
    12. Nicholas Winton, who in 1939 succeeded in organizing six trains with 699 children of Jewish families from Prague to London, thus saving their lives, attended the premiere in Prague of a documentary film about the episode.
    The Israeli ambassador decorated several Czech citizens who during World War Two helped their Jewish fellow citizens.
    Shares on the Czech stock market crashed.
    14. A day of national grief was declared and a three-minute silence was held all over the CR for the victims of the terrorist attacks.
    15. Police record a dramatic incidence in the number of suspicious items and events reported, and also a rise in the number of anonymous threats.
    16. Tomáš Enge becomes the first Czech driver to take part in a Formula 1 race at the Italian Grand prix.
    17. An international arbitration court finds in favour of U.S. CME that the CR did not protect CME's investment in TV Nova in accordance with international treaties. A previous arbitration court, in which the case against the CR was brought by CME's owner Ronald Lauder, ruled in favor of the CR. Lauder says he will claim half a million dollars in damages. The CR says it will seek to have the decision overturned, arguing procedural mistakes were made during the arbitration hearing.
    18. The CNB issues a commemorative 200 crown silver coin to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of poet Jaroslav Seifert.
    19. The state investigator files charges, by fax to the Bahamas, against the former CEO of Harvard Investment Funds Viktor Koženy, who is accused of defrauding his investors.
    20. Prague city council starts a public collection for repairs to Charles Bridge, due to start next March.
    21. Civil defense becomes the question of the day. Gas masks sell out. Security is increased at possible targets, especially nuclear power stations and chemical plants. The role and powers of the intelligence services are also widely discussed.
    25. The Interior Ministry opens one of the most modern archives in Europe.
    26. The only Czech company that had an office rented in the WTC was ICZ. Fortunately at the time of the tragedy no one was in the office.
    27. Armed transporters are stationed outside the Radio Free Europe building in Prague. Interior Minister Stanislav Gross says information of a specific threat to the building was ascertained.

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