French Gothic Art From The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York, In The National Gallery In Prague

12 2005 Kultura English
obálka čísla

On loan from the Metropolitan Museum in exchange for Czech Art under the Rule of the Luxembourgs National Gallery in Prague / Collection of Old Masters

December 13, 2005 ? May 21, 2006, permanent exhibition in the Convent of St. Agnesof Bohemia

Four examples of 13th- and 14th-century French art were lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York in exchange for Czech Gothic artwork on loan from the National Gallery in Prague for the exhibition Prague, the Crown of Bohemia, 1347 ? 1437. Several important works of art from the era of the rule of Charles IV. and his sons that form part of the exhibition "Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe" in the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia will not be on display for a certain period. These works include Madonna of Zbraslav, two panels by Master Theodoric, St. Peter of Slivice or Madonna of St. Vitus.

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