11 2005 Kultura English
obálka čísla

or the Origins of Beauty - the Strength of Visions in the Rudolfinum Gallery- until January 8th, 2006 is a selection of works of contemporary artista - David Adamec, Dan Barta, Mioan Cais, Michal Cimal, Jakub Dvorsky, Vladimr Havlik, Alena Kotzmannova, Jaroslav Koza, Tomas Lahoda, Ivana Lomova, Frantiek Matousek, Mical, Zdenek Miler, Michal Nesazal, Viktor Pivovarov, Otty Plachty, Luke Rittstein and Barbora Slapetova.

The exhibition emphasizes the phenomenon of beauty: its source, by Chat force that source is driven into visions and pictures independent of words, in which the viewer is exposed to intensive, purely visual enjoyment. The aims of the artists are not limited to a single way of expression. We find there painting, drawings, photography, sculptures, objects, design and digital animation. The aim is to eliminate the borders between the techniques in freely visual expression. The first clearly aims at today’s live art, which has a much greater scope than in earlier decades. The exposition convinces by its ability to communicate - by the intensity of its vision, independently of its form: the core of its fascinating and strong communication is, that it attracts our attention entirely, and we feel the innermost experience, amazement and euphoria - an impression. By means of the creation, aimed mainly toward visual art, we thus receive an experience which goes beyond our human and common reality. The works bring "strong expressions of individual and unique visions of their own world full of amazing pictures, for the reception and experiencing of which of words are not necessary. (From the printed materil for the exhibition.)

Through the theme of the beauty of the vision, which ennobles everyone’s inner light - of the person who creates it and of the one who experiences it - faith is expressed in the strength of free artistic expression and in its sources of inspiration.

The exhibition shows a range of visual creation intended for adults. But equally for children - their receptivity and ability to take in all stimuli fully - that is what we should strive for throughout our lives. (That is why the invitation shows a portrait of a child that had made such a meaningful impression on them.)

The rich accompanying program- commented viewings, films, meetings with authors, tropcal twilight in the zoo and a catalogue strengthen our receptivity.

Olga Szymanska
Translated by Vilma Iggers

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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