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11 2005 Slovo redakce English
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In the Czech Republic, where I live, I like certain things. For example I like it that in November the tree leaves are falling. Occasionally, there is fog in the morning which means that there is no wind. You walk out of the house and the leaves are rustling under your feet. You take a walk through the park if you can spare the time and you say to yourself: "It is autumn again and soon there will be Christmas." And that is very encouraging - you have to think about Christmas to get into the right mood and to figure out what you shall give your loved ones. I don’t know how it is in other countries around Christmas, especially in the USA, because I travel there mostly in the summer. All I know is that, on the 25th of December, folks roll out of bed in their pajamas and then breathe a big "Aaaaaah" in surprise over their gifts under the tree.

But there is still time for that. Today it is only November the 7th, the anniversary of the GOSR, or of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the day when someone shot a canon from the ship Aurora , anchored in St. Petersburg harbor and proclaimed: " MEMBERS OF THE PROLETARIAT OF ALL COUNTRIES-UNITE! "

And all the poor people of the world, led by the furious psychopath Lenin plunged forward and launched a new era in the history of mankind. But let’s leave all that to the historians and lets be glad that all of that is already more or less over, even though we shall feel the aftereffects of it for a long, long time…

In the November issue of the Czech Dialogue the section " What is New in Foolsville?" is missing this time. There is so much new that we would need about 32 pages to cover it all. For example: We have a new Minister of Health. He is already the 15th or 16th one in the last 16 years. We don’t know yet whether or not he will do some good in his field. But we already know that he is a show-off and an arrogant brat. He even wanted to remain the Head of the Czech Association of Physicians. Many people were opposed to that including the President of the country. The new Minister called the President " an angry oldy" and added a few other insulting remarks. He finally resigned as head of the Association with a strange condition that his successor could not act as a person sui juris.! I just hope I won’t get sick in the future!

The Minister of Agriculture Zgarba is up to his ears in a scandal having to do with selling land parcels to his friends at low cost with the idea to sell those later at higher prices. Zgarba refuses to resign since he supposedly "did not know anything about it." Poor guy, why did he become Minister, if his head is so ignorant?

In addition, we also have a Minister of Justice, yet another show-off and oaf who likes to be seen everywhere. He is the one who sent a prince from abroad back to his homeland after the prince had instructed about ten underage girls in sex education. And when the D.A. did not like it- she was simply removed from office. In short- things in Foolsville are blooming!

But, to be fair- there are also good things happening here. New fish "walks" were built in the river Kamenice near Decin. To explain, the salmon that travel through here after covering a distance of about 25000 from the Atlantic Ocean had great difficulty crossing the dams in Edmuntov near Divoka souteska (Divoka Pass.) Thanks to the Dept. of Ecology and the firm Water Works, the salmon and other fish can now travel freely and easily through the waters wherever they wish... Isn’t it wonderful?

Eva Střížovská
Translated by Marie Dolansky

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