Master Jan Hus 1415 - 2005

9 2005 Kultura English
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Exhibition about Jan Hus (Theresian Wing of the old royal palace at the Prague Castle - until the 25. 9. 3005) does not want to teach, its goal is not to teach, but to show the master's life in chronological order, and to point out facts and events which unfortunately disappeared from our history textbooks and classrooms. In the exhibition we follow Hus' pilgrimage through life with all key events step by step, and that with the help of a series of documents, either originals or reproductions. Artifacts from the period make the exposition much more alive and accessible. A considerable part is devoted to the history of the Hussite tradition in later centuries; it is of course a small selection from a wealth of material. The Hus iconography shows how how his imagined appearance changed in the course of time, how specific elements of every period were reflected in it. The most important works about him, including those by foreign experts, round out the collection. In addition to old manuscripts and new titles interesting works such as chronicles are exhibited. It is entirely up to each viewer to decide how Hus and his period co tributed to the spiritual history of Europe, to the treasury of European culture.

The exposition about Master Jan Hus is the first in a series of events, which will take place successively in the decade until 2015, the 600th anniversary of the burning of Hus in Constance.

Olga Szymanská
Translated by Vilma Iggers

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