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9 2001 Ohlasy a názory English
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    An expression of full support to the United States of America Terrorist attacks on civilian targets in the United States that resulted in an unusually large number of casualties evoke in us a deep shock. Again we recognize the deciding role the United States played during the First and Second World Wars, in stopping the Communist expansion in the world and in solving local conflicts. Threats to democracy, individual freedoms and human rights would be much more difficult to stand up to without the active support of the United States. We welcome the positions taken by the representatives of the whole democratic world expressing without any hesitation full support to the United States. It has been shown clearly that no country, regardless how powerful it is, can isolate itself in the current stage of globalization, because a threat to democracy any place in the world affects all other countries. Terrorism is currently a major threat to democracy. Defending and strenghtening democracy is a major mission of the Democratic Club, and so for this reason the terrorist acts affect us directly regardless of in which country we live.
    Terrorist acts must be punished severely. The United States certainly has sufficient means to do so, especially with the help of all those who expressed their support. We believe that the United States will be identify the real culprits and will strike at them. At the same it will save lives of innocent people against whom the terrorist acts are directed.

Prague, September 13, 2001

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