I am Luz Elena Galauiz

9 2001 Ohlasy a názory English
obálka čísla

Guadalajara, Agosto 2001 Cesky dialog To whom it may concern:
Hello!! My name is Luz Elena Galauiz and I´m from Mexico. The purpose of this letter is to know the customs of your nice country and make nice friends through the mail. I saw the address in a popular magazine of Mexico. A nice person from Czechoslovakia gave it to me. I promise to answer all the letters that you send me. My English is not very good but I´ll try. I like to collect stamps, postcards, magazines, coins, bills, cassettes, newspapers and every thing you want to send. Everythig is welcomed including your love and friendschip.
I live in Guadalajara which isnice city and it´s the second largest city in the Republic of Mexico. I´m brown, black eyes, no fat, no skinny but I think this is not very important. I´m sales woman and I like to write letters to all kind of people. I have no internet (computer). Thank you and I hope to receive your letters. I´m sending you my love.
Luz Elena
Please write me to: Prisuliano Sánchez 1010 Col. Americana OrienteSector Juárez Guadalajara, Tal./mexico

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