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3 2005 Ostatní česky
obálka čísla

Jak už jsme informovali, ve dnech 17. - 21. března se koná v Miami na Floridě opět milé a zajímavé setkání členů Společnosti pro vědy a umění a jejich hostů. Jako obvykle je připraveno na své přednášky na desítky účastníků a na dvě stovky přítomných. S přednáškou na téma Bohatství české kultury a její mosty do USA přicházíme my z naší redakce. Kromě mnoha jiných bude jistě také zajímavá přednáška Jaroslavy Moserové na téma Pokroucené myšlení a chování během komunismu a jeho důsledky. Zde je stručný nástin přednášky:

Deformation of Thinking and Behavior during Communism and its Consequences Hon. Jaroslava Moserova, Czech Commission for UNESCO, Prague, Czech Republic

Four decades of a totalitarian regime which suppressed truth and enforced hypocrisy with all its taboos and unlimited power necessarily had its impact on the way of life and way of thinking of the whole population. The division line between honesty and dishonesty, truth and lies became blurred. Decent people found ambition irreconcilable with decency. People in top positions lacked education and integrity and thus also respect of the general public. The extent of censorship was absurd. The aftermath: decent people still lack drive and ambition opening too much space and opportunities to the dishonest. The general public cannot cope with all the negative news in the media, as during the totalitarian rule when only “rosy” news could be published. During the past it was impossible to get some services and goods without petty corruption, which consequently is perceived as acceptable even for many decent people.

The years of suppression lead to a skepticism which kills healthy incentive and healthy ambition. The best illustration is the ‘Zoo Effect’. During the communist rule all non party members lived like animals in a Zoo. The space in which they were allowed to move was limited. They had shelter, they knew they would not starve and would enjoy relative security, as long as they would abide by the rules enforced by the guards. Once such a Zoo is dissolved, it is the predators who are the first to use or misuse the new freedom, while the more timid, defenseless animals tend to hide in corners and in the shade. Some of them may even think that life was better behind the bars, forgetting the stench and the lack of dignity.

The young generation though is unblemished by the past and will hopefully change the life in our country for the better.

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