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was born in Czechoslovakia and began playing violin at the age of 7. He later studied at the Conservatory and at the Academy of Music in Prague with Prof. Alexander Plocek. After his diploma exam he did military service as a violin soloist. This meant travels around in the country and a larger amount of concerts for an audience of soldiers during one year. 1975 he moved to Sweden and took part in master courses for Prof. Semyon Snitkovsky from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow (Prof. Snitkovsky was a pupil of David Oistrach).

In 1975 J. Sonsky moved to Sweden and engaged himself intensively in performing solo and chamber music concerts. He was a member of the EPOS-TRIO which was actively involved internationally. He has performed in many countries and many festivals. In Europe - Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Russia both as soloist and as a chamber musician. He has also performed several times in Canada and has given concerts in Japan, Kenya, USA and Brazil. He has made recordings with the Swedish Radio in Stockholm, Süddeutsche Rundfunk, Südwestfunk, Radio Athens, Radio Bucharest, Radio Vancouver and CBC, Radio do Brazil, Radio Prague.

Jaroslav Sonsky was invited as guest Professor for six months to teach the violin and chamber music at the Music School of Brandon University in Canada. He has always been highly praised for his musicality, ”slavonic sound” and sensitive ensemble playing.

In 1995 J. Sonsky performed for His Majesty the Swedish king Carl XIV Gustaf in connection with the King’s first official state visit in the history to the Czech Republic. In 2002 was he elected to the board of the International Bohuslav Martinu Society. In January 2003 J. Sonsky performed at Belleveu Schloss in Berlin for Federal President J. Rau at the occasion of the last official foreign state visit by Czech President Václav Havel.

In June 2003 J. Sonsky was given by the present Czech foreign minister the Jan Masaryk award ”Gratias Agit” for his efforts of being a ”goodwill ambassador” for the Czech Republic.

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