10 2004 Slovo redakce English
obálka čísla

Today Sept. 28th is the feast of St. Wenceslas, patron saint of this country to whom we cry when the country is in trouble. It is a state holiday but the statue of the saint is covered up, under restoration so we have no visible sign, only the hope in our hearts that help will come from above and honesty and justice shall return to this country.

We may have idealized this special figure but at this time ideals are so important. Farther down the square a group of people gathered at the simple monument commemorating the death of student Jan Palach who set himself on fire to draw attention to the apathy of citizens after the Russians occupied the country in 1968.

This group of young, energetic people call themselves Palach’s Children. They are ready to fight against corruption; they refuse to accept former Communist dignitaries in government. They want to do something to help install justice in this country. The country is not in a good state and it makes me sad. It helps to remember my meeting with the writer J. Skvorecky who came to visit and filled our hearts with sunshine.

Paula Schultz (by ES)

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