Totalitarian Absurdities

9 2004 Ostatní česky
obálka čísla

The project „Totalitarian Absurdities" is presented by The Foundation Fund of National Museums and Galleries in the Czech Republic.

The aim of the project is to collect evidence, through both verbal and written testimonies, of the absurd lies, falsities and destructive inefficiency of the Communist regime. The regime forced extreme hypocrisy and distorted values onto the general public, while subjecting them to monstrous censorship. The Party also placed extremely uneducated people in positions requiring expert knowledge and sophistication, and the members of the party „nomenklatura" enjoyed excessive privileges. Official institutions are handling the cruelty and lawlessness of the past regime, but the endless falsities and lies, the supression of truth and the stupidity of the „nomenklatura" are not being systematically dealt with. However, we are convinced that this aspect of the past dictatorial regime is exactly what the young generation may find most repulsive.

If testimonies and written evidence from those that lived through the dark period of totalitarianism is not collected in the near future, the knowledgeable generation will die out and such evidence will be lost forever.

In the first phase of the project the Fund aims only for the collection of evidence and testimonies. In the second phase, the materials collected will be prepared for written, audiovisual and digital presentation.

We seek contacts in other countries that also fell under a dictatorial regime of the Communist party in the past, as we believe that the Party used the same lies, the same clichés, and the same methods in all countries in which it gained total control, and that it lead to the same devastation - both economical and moral.

We believe that this project is very important, as the young generation no longer knows what life was like under the Party domination, and many members of the older generations seem to suffer from memory loss.

We shall welcome any help and cooperation.

Jaroslava Moserová

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