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9 2004 Slovo redakce česky
obálka čísla

On this page you will find a very nice letter written by Abraham Lincoln. The children in this country started school on September 1st so it is most appropriate to remind ourselves of the duties and responsibilities that a teacher has. A teacher should not be there merely to teach a subject, but even more importantly to work along with parents and society in bringing up a child to become a good and responsible adult. That may be a problem of today and as the great teacher Amos Komensky wrote centuries ago, a child learns mainly by following the example of people around him. What kind of an example are we giving our children?

Let’s take a look at our new Prime Minister, the handsome, smiling Stan. He speeds through school zones without thinking anything of it. He feels it’s his chauffeur’s business and does not think that he should apologize.

As his closest colleague he chose a man who was in command of the police who beat up the young people during demonstrations against Communist terrorism in 1989.

When people stood up and demonstrated against such a step, he calmly defended him, but said that if he finds out that the man had personally beat up a person he will take appropriate steps. Fortunately the colleague resigned right after the demonstrations, thus saving Stan from an embarrassing situation. I am sure he shall be well rewarded by getting a good post somewhere just like others who are willing to cooperate. His friend Tvrdik got the post of Director of Czech Airlines even though he knows no English. Same with the former Prime Minister Spidla who also lacks that knowledge and who became our representative in Brussels. It sure seems Stan has good connections, for example with the owner of a bordello in Nusle and police from times gone by.

Must be a problem not knowing where to find the money promised to young families and the elderly. He believes in taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but it doesn’t work that way. He would have to start with all the embezzlers. The program CLEAN HANDS initiated by Milos Zeman did not do a thing. None of the embezzlers were ever punished or forced to give back the stolen money. The pirate Kozeny enjoys his life hiding in the Bahamas and so it is with the rest of them.

There are also a number of scandals popping up among our polititians, each accusing the other of corruption, which does not exactly encourage trust of the average citizen. We have been told that the police are looking into it. Besides that, there is also the question of validity of the new government, since members who were ill and thus un able to do their job cast the votes that made the difference.

But let’s get back to the children. Are at least their parents able to give them the good example they so badly need?

Sorry I had nothing positive to say this time. Hopefully you, my readers shall rectify that and send us some good news.

Eva Strizovska
Translated by Paula Schulz

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