Představujeme vítěze literární soutěže Guided by Voices - vyhlášené Společností přátel USA (SPUSA) - Dnes otiskujeme autora, který se svojí úvahou zvítězil v kategorii od 19 let výše.

7-8 2004 Kultura English
obálka čísla

Květoslav Geiger, age 25

Town: Pardubice

School: Anglo-Americká vysoká škola, o.p.s.

"With getting older and older I keep working more and more…constantly on those singing trams and on humming subway trains zig-zagging the capital. I just found enough time to write my piece. I have found my place in the whirling capital…to love the things I do and not to complain about the minor mistakes on the way."

Guided by Voices ... or Invisible Hands?

Daily I am passing by the shop with a great name: Paradise of Bathrooms. Though I have never made enough effort to walk in I always have the feeling that one could get more than nice bathroom there. Yesterday I saw this ad placed at Palmovka bus stop printed on A5 paper format offering baby carriages, goods for toddlers and babies. Where can I get that? Go to Children’s Paradise! I got suspicious and went on-line today. It didn’t take more than ten minutes of research:

Paradise of Wedding Rings

Paradise of Dreams (all for your good sleep)

Paradise of Real Estate

Paradise of Candles

Paradise of Chickens

Paradise of Smokers

Paradise of Smoked Meat

Paradise of Gardeners!

So here it is – Paradise to shop at, Paradise at hand. Paradise on-line. Even candles have their own Paradise. It is not thatI would envy wedding rings and chickens for having one. They need one TOO. It is that one missing – Paradise for People…


Voices of profit? You bet! People started to sell Their Paradise on Earth to Things and Groups that voiced their demands LOUD ENOUGH! For the gardeners it wasn’t enough to have their Receptář anymore. They pushed and pushed and got their Paradise of Gardeners. Their doing was closely watched by Smokers – the group persecuted by strict rules prohibiting smoking at public places and the group forced to pay higher taxes than us regular mortals. They lobbied and lobbied and received their share of Paradise. Now they are waiting for the Day Marlboro Man will come out of the poster and save them from all illnesses of the world and when he takes them to American Prairies.

But the first demand for Paradise came from Wedding Rings. They reasoned that they promise The Paradise to every married couple but they don’t have one for their own needs. The case was found obvious and Wedding Rings got it too. Dreams followed – having a strong argument that they offer The Paradise to every individual and every living thing in the Universe every night, the Paradise to hide in, The Paradise to forget about earthy things… They received a big part of Paradise so they could keep doing what they were best in and Paradise for People was getting smaller...

I had to stand up and stretch out after sitting for couple of hours in front of that flickering screen. All these little Paradises, Paradises on demand. But we are still in search that one Paradise the one with REALLY capital P. Idea to type it in just another search engine nearly didn’t make it crossing my mind – that instantly I have realized its uselessness. The demands are not voiced loud enough and people are losing their share everyday. We look around and we see it close, so close – paradises of all things and groups mentioned. Don’t we care enough or what is it in human nature? Selling everything, portioning, giving everybody a piece of land, a piece of country and now a piece of Paradise. We are not listening enough, too busy COUNTING. Counting days, counting square meters, counting coins. Ignoring voices.

Not too much is left now. Marlboro man got his part. I want my part too. I have still time for Wedding Rings. I shall maybe join the Candles. I will stop at Paradise of Candles on Monday to see what are the requirements for membership. Will exchange the flickering screen for flickering flame. Will light up a candle for all of us to LISTEN more carefully and more often. I’m COUNTING the days to the day we will do so…

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