Dear Mrs. Strizovska:

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I definitely disagree with the reader who wrote that it is necessary to forget our communist past. It is absolutely essential to keep reminding people about all the evil that communism has caused in our country. People have a short memory and they tend to forget too quickly. Therefore it is necessary to keep talking and writing about it so that they would remember and make sure that it would never happen again.

I do not think that your articles express any hate. So far, our government has tried to sweep all the evil under the carpet. They even try to minimize the courage and hard work of those who actively opposed the old regime.

The young generation who did not experience communism might therefore get the mistaken impression that "it wasn’t all that bad, after all." Just keep reminding your readers about those times! If we are to build a strong and decent future, it cannot be built on lies, on ignorance of our history and on falsifications of our past. People need to be constantly reminded of the crimes of communism- which, unfortunately, is not done by our government or by our President. Therefore it is up to our writers, artists and other reasonable and honest people to undertake this task.

It is not important whether articles are positive or negative. What matters is that they tell the truth. Keep up the good work!

Marie Dolanska, USA

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