Is there freedom of press in Czech republic?

6-7 2001 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

I just came back from a press conference initiated by Mr. Čelovský. Its theme was very significant: Almost all print media available at the news stands in the Czech Republic are in German hands. The information about the conference was announced by ČTK. However, sadly and alarmingly, not one journalist from the dailies showed up, except for Mr. Hoření from Haló sobota. The discussion demonstrated that these print media systematically decline articles and opinions coming from the independent journalists. For example historian Ms. Olivová, chair of the Eduard Beneš Society (and I experienced this myself), and that it manipulates information, It was also pointed out that a short time ago, very quietly and without any interest of the media, the Act on Minorioties was approved. This Act, for all matters and purposes gives an opportunity to the German citizens to settle in Czech boundary areas, provide for bilingualism, etc. We will publish more details about the Act as soon as the Parliament provides the necessary information. This Act was rejected by the ODS. But Miloš Zeman's (now Špidla's) party, the ČSSD, gave it full support. It is said that the ČSSD tows the party line with the German Social Democratic Party. The Act also received support from the Freedom Union (!).

[Translated by Hana Kučerová]

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